How can I Check My Ticket by using Lott website?

How can I Check My Ticket simply by using Lott site?
Hello friends, within this article we will discover? how can I verify my ticket by using the Lott website?. If an individual have purchased your own entry in the store, stick to our steps below to check your own ticket using the particular Lott website. When you purchased your own entry online, sign in to your own account to see if you have won a prize.

1. Go to the Check My Tickets page on the Lot website
As soon as you? ve arrived at thellot. com, simply click the? Results? alternative in the main navigation at the particular top of typically the page. Select the particular? Check My Ticketed? option through the drop down menu.

second . Enter Your ticket number
Your solution number is a 24-digit number that will appears just over your physical ticketed

Enter all twenty four numbers at typically the top of your own ticket in the input box? we? check my ticket using Lott website add spaces for you once you type so keep entering numbers around the ticket without any kind of spaces.

It will be important to take note that ticket figures entered on incorrect numbers may result within incorrect results.

After putting the number and then click about CHECK TICKET button. Near the check ticket button you will certainly see the digital camera option. It is usually the new function of Lott site. By using typically the Camera you may scan the bar code at the conclusion of window of verify the result associated with your.

3. Touch the Check Our Ticket button in order to check your solution results
When you faucet the check the ticket button, your own ticket results will certainly appear on the screen.

If your ticket is really a winner

Congratulations! Using the award you won, we? ve added certain tips for what to do next on screen. See the article for more helpful help claiming prizes?

In case your ticket is usually still impending

Put on? t forget of which if you possess a seat or even multi-week ticket regarding life, you may possibly have a pull that doesn? to lead to your ticketed remaining, so keep it available!

If Your ticket continues to be open

During a few of our major lottery events, it may be common with regard to players to attract lots immediately just before the draw! Allow? s check the particular tickets! For more information on typically the back side of our lottery process, click in this article?

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